Dyke* March Cologne – English Information

Saturday, 4 July 2020 at 6:00 pm

Roncalliplatz, Köln

On CSD Saturday we invite all dykes* from Cologne, North Rhein-Westphalia, Europe and the rest of the world to take to the streets with us and celebrate a diverse CSD in Cologne. Everyone who calls herself a dyke* is welcome to show up and march with us.

We are making lesbian/queer women*/WSW/genderqueer lesbians more visible and the CSD more diverse. The Dyke* March is a platform where you can present yourself, your interests and your political demands.

No matter how you lead your life, what colour your skin is, where you come from, whether you’re young or old, cis or trans*, inter* or non-binary, whether you use a wheelchair or a walking frame, have long or short hair, wear lipstick or not.

Bring your slogans, flags, humour, favourite costumes and instruments, so that the Cologne Dyke* March will be a colourful, wonderfully raucous and above all exceptionally visible experience for everyone.

All other trans* or inter* people who would like to support the Dyke* March are also most welcome guests with their causes.

We’d love to see and hear numerous spectators along the route giving us their cheerful and powerful support. People and groups with antihuman values are expressly not welcome. We consider ourselves part of a democratic, feminist, anti-racist and anti-sexist society that acts in solidarity and not on an exclusive basis with other people.
See you there!

To us, dyke* stands for a strong and self-confident „lesbian/queer woman/WSW/genderqueer lesbian". Like so many previously insulting words, dyke* has been positively reinterpreted over the last few decades.


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"Freedom is not something one owns; instead it is something one does."

Carolin Emcke

The organisation team of the D*MC 2019

from left to right:
Ingrid, Birgit, Annette, Maren, Susanne, Inge, Janna, Maria
Officially called
IG (Informal Group) DMC.

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"The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible."

Oscar Wilde

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"It’s important to be visible in order to be noticed."

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